The Melnard HTML Virtual Table Top

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Updates 8/18/2012 9AM

Page Drawing is fixed (except there is a problem on map gateway transfers. refresh to get the right map)
Shadows are fixed-fixed-fixed
Character login has a drop box for selecting maps by NAME (I would think much easier to look around)
On Moonpennies Markai: Their is a purple trigger box that opens and closes a door. Still working on best way to display this. Will be easier once I have an animated particle layer.
Pan and zoom is fixed and quick.

Next steps: 
more trigger types 
* popups are their just havn't placed any. 
* Sound effects are coded but not tested
* Spawn Points are coded but not tested

I will open up character editing shortly

I have to improve my editors to increase map creation speed
Hex Grid Grand Tactical soon.

Can't think of anything else. Lemmino if questions.